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Pest Control in Brooklyn

A pest infestation can be an extremely stressful and difficult experience to go through. The good news is, you don’t have to face it alone. Hiring a professional pest management service will greatly increase your chances of overcoming the infestation. At Private Exterminating, we provide local, fast and discreet pest removal services for both insects and animals. At Private Exterminating, we make sure to keep your privacy a priority by making the extermination process as quick and painless as possible. We will always be there to support you by providing you with the best service and all of the information that you need to know to ensure that your extermination is as efficient as possible.

As professional pest control experts in Brooklyn, Private Exterminating offers complete inspections for any residential or commercial property to identify and isolate pest problems and eliminate them at their source. Our experienced technicians are trained to carefully evaluate and implement effective prevention programs and prevent recurring infestations. Getting rid of insects, rodents, wildlife and any other unwanted pest begins with a free consultation by our qualified specialists to determine the most appropriate and cost effective method for keeping your home or workplace pest free.

Residential Pest Control and Commercial Pest Management

All of our services are geared toward safely and effectively eliminating infestations of

At Private Exterminating, we know that the extermination process can be an embarrassing burden. Although an infestation is often beyond many people’s expertise, there are some protocols that you can exercise at home to complement our treatment so as to maximize the benefits of your service. The following are some helpful hints that our Brooklyn specialists always recommend:

Don’t Leave Food Out

If you are struggling with nasty cockroaches, it is best to be vigilant and not leave any food out in the open for them to be attracted to. Cockroaches live off of eating scraps, crumbs and garbage that is left behind and is easily accessible. By keeping all of your leftover food in closed containers, cockroaches will not have a feeding source to gravitate towards in your home.

Keep Your Grains in Airtight Containers

Moths and weevils feed of off many household items such as rice, sugar, flour and grains. Common pantry staples such as oats can be a breeding ground for these household pests. By keeping your pantry items contained in airtight seals, moths will not have access to feed and therefore this will minimize the chance of them breeding. If you suspect that one of your pantry items has been infested, either freeze it for a week or bake it at a low temperature to kill any potential larvae.

Carefully Clean Second Hand Items

Many people shop at second hand thrift stores. Though there is no problem with doing so, it is best to always ensure that you thoroughly sanitize any second-hand clothing or household items that you acquire. This will help eliminate pests and make them ready to use.

Customized Pest Control Prevention Programs

Brooklyn business and homeowners can benefit from a range of pest management service plans at affordable rates. Private Exterminating customizes any service according to client's particular needs without breaking your budget. Pest control maintenance plans are also available at affordable rates.

Every pest control problem has its own specific patterns that are as unique as the many properties we service in the Brooklyn area. You can count on our qualified pest control technicians to take the time to thoroughly inspect every area on your premises and carefully develop a plan designed to safely rid you of pest problems permanently.

Our systematic, step-by-step pest control program includes:

Responsible Pest Control: Qualified Brooklyn Exterminators

The licensed team at Private Exterminating is rigorously trained and highly knowledgeable in the biology and behavior of the entire range of pests including rodents and wildlife. As a result, each of our pesticide applications is responsibly administered and not only addresses and controls the problem, but also reduces unnecessary exposure to harsh pesticides. We are committed to providing effective services that are also safe for you, your family, employees and the environment. For this reason, our experts never use a general, standardized approach to pesticide applications, but target treatments toward specific pests according to a customized and pre-determined strategy.

Pest control prevention plans can be developed for any property including:

Solid Experience

Private Exterminating has extensive experience in rendering your home or business pest free. Our effective techniques have evolved with advances in the industry and were developed by highly qualified pest control specialists in insect and rodent identification. In addition, we take the time to listen carefully to the concerns of residential and commercial clients in Brooklyn and the surrounding areas and design maintenance plans that eliminate pest problems once and for all. Call us for a free estimate and to schedule an inspection from a member of our licensed team.

Industry Standard Products

At Private Exterminating, we only use the best quality, industry standard products that are sourced from reputable suppliers that have been thoroughly tested. We know that the quality of the products used on an extermination will greatly determine its success, that is why we only use the best known products in the field of extermination. Our valued customers deserve nothing short of that. We also always seek to provide our clients with competitive pricing for our services because we believe that everybody should enjoy a clean, pest free home and business!