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Pest Control

As professional pest control experts in Brooklyn, Private Exterminating offers complete inspections for any residential or commercial property to identify and isolate pest problems and eliminate them at their source. Our experienced technicians are trained to carefully evaluate and implement effective prevention programs and prevent recurring infestations. Getting rid of insects, rodents, wildlife and any other unwanted pest begins with a free consultation by our qualified specialists to determine the most appropriate and cost effective method for keeping your home or workplace pest free.

Brooklyn Pest Control

Residential Pest Control

Safely ridding your home of unwelcome pests like mice, termites, and bed bugs is our specialty. We provide 24-hour emergency extermination services to Brooklyn households of all sizes. Our low rates and thorough inspections allow us to diagnose and eliminate vermin quickly and effectively.

Brooklyn Residential Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control

Is there anything more damaging to a business’s reputation than a pest problem? Regardless of how good your products or services are, if you have bugs and or vermin they will be the only thing your former customers will remember, squashing the reputation that you have spent years in the making.

Brooklyn Commerical Pest Control

Bed Bug Extermination

Unfortunately, many Brooklyn residents are familiar with the stressful and expensive ordeal that is a bedbug infestation. Due to their rapid breeding speed and rapid mobility, bedbug infestations can happen quickly and can easily get out of control. At Private Exterminating, we are here to make the extermination process as smooth and painless as possible.

Brooklyn Bed Bug Extermination

Bed Bug Removal

Private Exterminating is the leading bed bug removal company in Brooklyn and the surrounding area. We provide proven pest control services for both residential and commercial properties and are certain that we can help you.


Wildlife Removal

There are certainly a number of incredible animals in nature, but in nature is precisely where they belong. They have no place in your Brooklyn home or business. When these worlds collide, it can be a high-stress situation. Not just for you, but for the animal as well. Typically, when unwanted wildlife finds its way into your home or business, they will feel threatened and either try to scurry off or fight off your attempts to get it to shoo.

Brooklyn Wildlife Removal

Mice Exterminator

Some people think mice are cute, and they certainly can be when they are purchased from a pet store and contained in cages. They aren’t cute when they find their way from the streets and sewers of Brooklyn and into your home or business. Mouse infestations are dangerous.


Rodent Removal

If you were to walk onto the street in Brooklyn tonight and ask the random strangers that walked by to rank their top five phobias and fears, then chances are that rodents—and rats in particular—would rank pretty high on most peoples’ list. While the reason for this might vary from person to person, the fact of the matter is that rodents of all descriptions generally send a shiver down the spines of residents and business owners across Brooklyn.


Termite Treatments

Got an active termite problem? Not for long. Private Exterminating has the most effective and affordable termite treatment options in Brooklyn and the surrounding area.