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Termite Treatments in Brooklyn

Got an active termite problem? Not for long. Private Exterminating has the most effective and affordable termite treatment options in Brooklyn and the surrounding area.

For many years now, we’ve provided termite control solutions to property owners in the local area that take immediate effect and keep the termites from coming back too. Our exceptional work ethic, our outstanding customer service, and our competitive prices are just some of the things that make us great.

Ready to stop termite’s dead in their tracks? Call us now at (917) 731-1964!

Free Consultations on Termite Treatment Options

When you give us a call, it’s usually because you’ve made the frightening discovery of a termite infestation and we understand the urgency to get the issue resolved. We’ll send a team of expert exterminators over for a quick, free consultation within the shortest delay.

We’ll conduct a full inspection of the infested area, making sure to take note of where the root of the problem is. We’ll come up with the best course of action to tackle your termite problem and provide you with a free written estimate that outlines the cost and the timeline of the treatments.

A Full-Service Termite Treatment Company

We at Private Exterminating will not only help you get rid of termites, but we’ll put preventative measures to work to stop future infestations from happening. We offer the following treatment options:

Any of these treatments or a combination of them can and will effectively eliminate any existing termites. Our treatments will also prevent future termite infestations from happening. For the best results, it’s good to maintain these chemical and physical termite barriers over the years with the help of professionals like us.

Experts in Home Termite Treatments

Our team of termite exterminators is licensed, insured, and bonded with many years of experience cleansing properties of mild to severe termite infestations. Each of the professionals is carefully and extensively trained to meet the Private Exterminating standard of excellence.

No termite will go overlooked on our watch! We get the job done right, the first time around. And if ever this isn’t the case, we’ve got you covered. Enjoy that extra peace of mind with our extended warranty system.

The Best Termite Treatments in Brooklyn

Whether you’re dealing with an active termite infestation or you’re thinking ahead, there’s only one team of exterminators to call: Private Exterminating. We’re confident we have the very best termite control services in Brooklyn and the surrounding area, and we’re ready to prove it to you.

 For affordable and reliable termite treatments that last, get in touch with us now at (917) 731-1964!