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Bed Bug Extermination in Brooklyn

Unfortunately, many Brooklyn residents are familiar with the stressful and expensive ordeal that is a bedbug infestation. Due to their rapid breeding speed and rapid mobility, bedbug infestations can happen quickly and can easily get out of control. At Private Exterminating, we are here to make the extermination process as smooth and painless as possible. Our friendly, professional extermination technicians have experience dealing with exterminations of a large and small scale. We will make sure to walk you through every step of the way so that you are informed and confident in the job we are doing. We provide free consultations and environmentally friendly green extermination services that will keep your home pest free while prioritizing the health and safety of your family.

Signs of a Bed Bug infestation:

How Do Bed Bug Infestations Happen?

It is common for bed bugs to infest a person's home by attaching themselves to luggage, furniture, and clothing. Contrary to popular belief, having bedbugs in your home does not necessarily mean that your home is dirty. Many Brooklyn residents make the expensive mistake of throwing out their mattresses and furniture before consulting a professional exterminator. This is a costly mistake, as simply throwing out your furniture and replacing it with new ones will not solve the problem. A female bedbug can lay as many as 400 eggs at one time, and they hatch only two weeks later. Therefore, the new baby eggs can infest the new furniture and exacerbate the problem, causing it to last longer and be costlier. At Private Exterminating, we will be sure to inform you of the necessary protocol that will ensure the effective extermination of your bedbugs. Trust us, with your co-operation, we will get the job done!

Environmentally Friendly Bed Bug Products

At Private Exterminating, we put an emphasis on using products that are not damaging to the health of our clients or to the safety of the environment. We are so passionate about our green standard that we put it in our name! We use natural, biodegradable products that are effective in treating all pest infestations.

Our Quality Guarantee

Our goal is to solve your problem the first time around to save you the stress, money, and time it takes to deal with an infestation. That is why for optimal results, we recommend that our staff perform occasional checkups to insure the lasting effect of our services. In addition to that, we are available at any time to answer your questions and concerns. We are here to work around your schedule. We offer a high quality, environmentally friendly service at a competitive price. Call us today to find out how we can solve your bed bug problem today!

Do Bed Bugs Only Live in Beds?

When it comes to bed bugs, there are a lot of myths, and an equal amount of facts. While bed bugs got their name from the fact that they most often feed on humans while they are asleep in bed, you can find these pests just about anywhere. Outside of your home they can be picked up in hotels, schools, offices, retail stores, movie theaters and public transportation.

Bed bugs love to travel, so watch out for suitcases, shoes boxes, and any other spot they can hide out in. They also love to hide in small cracks and crevices anywhere that people are. This means your bed isn’t the only place you should be checking if you suspect bed bugs—baseboards, upholstery, clothing, and furniture crevices are all up for grabs.

Since bed bugs come out at night, you are most often in bed at this time, and so they prefer to make this space their home base. A warm spot, with food, is the ideal spot for bed bug eggs.

Bed Bug Treatment and To-Do

Your home becoming infested with bed bugs is easily one of the most traumatic things that can happen as a homeowner or apartment renter. Not only are these pests feeding on you and covering you in itchy bed bug bites, but their swift ability to reproduce makes it difficult to get rid of them without help.

That is why calling a bed bug exterminator is not just recommended, but necessary for your health, both mental and physical.

The first step when you fear infestation, is to call Private Exterminating. With hundreds of infestations obliterated, we’ll come as soon as we can to do what we do best: get rid of bed bugs.

Prior to our visit, declutter your home to flush out where the bugs may be hiding. Pull furniture away from the walls, remove all fabric (bedding, curtains) including clothing (empty dressers and closets) and wash it all, then dry everything on high.

Like with many Brooklyn apartments and homes before, we will arrive and exterminate all the bugs. Then, for good measure we’ll leave diatomaceous earth behind as a repellant for future infestation. Bed bugs are resilient, and should you see they’ve come in contact with the earth, call us immediately.

Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Don’t take the risk of trying to eliminate bed bugs on your own. When you need to get rid of bed bugs, a bed bug exterminator is the only option that can effectively help you.