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Private Exterminating, Inc. is a professional licensed pest control corporation that has been proudly serving the New York area for over 20 years. We are dedicated to serving you and to meeting your pest control needs in the most cost efficient and effective way possible.

We offer a full range of environmentally friendly pest control services performed by certified professionals and in accordance with state approved pesticide guidelines. Our licensed technicians are friendly, helpful and efficient.

Our range of pest removal services covers cockroach infestations, indoor ant colonies, termite swarms including winged migrations, bee wasp nests that might be indoors or in walls, flies and rodents such as mice, rats and squirrels, wildlife removal of raccoons and opossums and bed bugs.

The pest removal process will be conducted in accordance with local and national pesticide laws and regulations according to the EPA. Pest removal will utilize all available methods of pest control using the safest options first. These include structural maintenance, sanitation, pest monitoring, mechanical/biological control and the careful use of pesticides within a controlled environment.


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Decades of Experience

Serving in the occupation since 2000, we deliver nothing but operative customized pest control solutions.

Knowledgeable Staff

Every worker is highly professional with in-depth field knowledge, capable of delivering satisfactory outcomes at one call!

Certified & Licensed

Private Exterminating is a verified, certified pest control service serving all New York states, including New York, Queens, the Bronx, Manhattan & Staten Island.

100% Satisfaction

There is no pest control job impossible for our specialists, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction by delivering exceptional facility.

Value Integrity

Our core value is integrity! From day one we work wholeheartedly with commitment & determination.


We use organic products and ensure desired outcomes without damaging nature or your health. For us, harsh chemicals are never an option!


Organic Chemicals

We offer organic chemicals that are less aggressive and chemically approved by the DEC, both of these services will be carefully analyzed from the technician to avoid harm to your kids and adorable pets. All chemical are carefully hid behind walls or appliances so they wont be visible and hard to reach by kids and pets.


A lot of people think mice come from outside but the truth is that they are from the same family of rats which rodents belong to and they live in tunnels under the ground like rabbits. Rodents build burrow holes from outside sewer drain street pipes all the way under the foundation of your house to have easy access to enter unfinished basements or old school foundation walls that have weak cement or holes, they also enter through sewers missing caps.


Usually when you walk your dog or cat outside, fleas jump on the animals and carry them back to your home. once this happens the fleas start multiplying and become an infestation. Also open basement windows offer free entrance to animals that carry fleas in their body and that can become a nightmare.


When any animal dies in the walls it produces smell and of-course fleas that never ends even after treating the house because the body is stuck in the walls. We have unique techniques to treat and eliminate or remove pest from your property.

Ants & Termites

These insects are attracted to water, so if there is water leak from bathroom or kitchen pipes as well as rain water filtering form the outside through cracks in the walls and windows seals or loose gutters. You will definitely have ants and animals.

Squirrels & Raccoons

You must check your roof once a year to make sure there is no soft areas or possible holes that are desirable places for these animals to make their home.


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With more than two decades of experience, Private Exterminating is the second name of quality, reliance, and competency.

If it is a pest problem then you probably have either termites or carpenter ants. Termites and carpenter ants both produce frass, which can often be confused with sawdust, but there is a difference. The trick is to look closely at the “sawdust”. Termites actually produce tiny pellets which are usually beige or brown (but the color is in relation to the wood they eat). This will look like piles of sand but from far could look like sawdust as the pellets are roughly the size of ground pepper. Carpenter ants produce frass which looks like sawdust. Carpenter ants do not eat wood like termites; instead they chew it and remove it from their den to create their homes.
  • Ladybugs – if you have a garden and are worried about aphids (pests that eat your plants) then get some ladybugs. These little beauties can eat about 50 to 60 aphids a day!
  • Plants that repel mosquitoes – Lemon balm, marigolds, catnip, basil, lavender and citronella grass are all plants that mosquitoes do not like to be around.
  • Remove standing water – mosquitoes need standing water to lay their eggs. Go around your property to make sure that you don’t have old containers that have filled with rain water. If you own a bird bath make sure to change the water every second day or so.
  • Work from the outside in – Bugs don’t just appear from nowhere. Bug proof your home beginning with the outside so they can’t get into the walls or corners to begin with. Check windows, doors, pipes, shingles and any possible routes indoors. Don’t leave a crack unfilled.

Bed bugs leave a number of warning signs when they set up camp in our homes. Check for some of these bed bug red flags to get proactive about your pest control:

  • Dark red or brown spots on your bedding or clothes – You may be crushing bugs in your sleep, which will leave small stains from their blood.
  • Bites on your skin – This may be the most obvious sign, though bites are often written off as coming from other types of bugs. Pay attention to the size, shape, and patterns of your bites. If they appear all in a row, you may want to check for bed bugs.
  • Shed skins – Baby bed bugs shed their skin as they grow into adulthood. Look for exoskeletons around your apartment.
  • Eggshells – If you find small eggshells in your furniture or bedding, you may have multiple generations of bugs. Contact an exterminator as soon as possible to arrange for an inspection.

Hopefully these bed bug tips will help you stay proactive about keeping pests out of your home

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