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Ant Control Services in New York

ant control services in New York


Ants are one of the most common insects on the planet. In fact, in terms of weight there are as many ants on earth as people. Meaning if you could weigh all the people in the world and all the ants, the weight would be roughly the same. That is a lot of ants! They are also an incredibly old species. Scientists believe that ants began to appear on earth about 130 million years ago.

Ant Control in New York

We at Private Exterminating INC provide ant control services in New York, always start the work with a thorough inspection of the entire property. This allows us to look for any signs of ants so that all of these spots are carefully dealt with. Private Exterminating Inc provides high-tech equipment to its experts who provide ant control services in New York that allows them to insert the tools at all the narrow cracks and spaces to properly eradicate ants.

Being so numerous and such good survivors, it is no wonder that ants infest homes and businesses throughout New York.

How to spot an ant infestation

Ants are amazing creatures but that doesn’t mean we want them getting in our food and spread disease. But Ants are pretty good at being discrete until they aren’t. That is to say that, until you get large amounts showing themselves they are pretty easy to miss. However, there are still some signs to look for. First, ants are most active at night so if you go on the hunt in your home or business then do it during those hours. Second, ants send out scouts to find food and then inform the colony. If you see a few ants, on your kitchen floor perhaps, then these are probably scouts which means that an infestation is possibly on its way.

Ants are easy to recognize and can be difficult to eliminate once they have invaded a location. Attracted to any form of food, ants will invade and contaminate food supplies quickly. In addition, among the many species spread across North America, several types of ants will not only significantly damage a structure in a relatively short length of time, ants have been known to also cause troublesome health issues as well as being an unsightly nuisance to property owners in New York.

Ants form colonies headed by a queen and her workers. They develop quickly into large nests formed along the openings and crevices of a property. The Private Exterminating pest control experts who provide ant control services in New York are trained and experienced to quickly identify any ant species that can threaten the well-being of individuals and the overall structural integrity of your property in New York with a customized pest control program for their quick removal.

Professional Ant Control Services in New York

No one wants to live or work in a space infested by pests. It is highly inconvenient and also affects our quality of life. Yet minor negligence in everyday maintenance welcomes several unwanted guests. One such pest is ants. These tiny insects come in the search for food and end up colonizing your living space. One of the best ways to get rid of them is to contact Private Exterminating for reliable ant control services in New York. Ants are highly adaptable and rapidly grow in numbers. It is almost impossible to eliminate an ant infestation without seeking professional assistance thoroughly.

At Private Exterminating, we are well aware of the inconvenience and trouble these tiny pests cause. Therefore, our experts offer professional ant control services in New York, just for you. Whenever you need our assistance, grab your phone and dial 917-731-1964! A team of professionals will be at your doorstep in no time. With us, you can appreciate the improved quality of life effortlessly!

Health Risks From Ants

Ant infestations are also frequently found to be the cause behind various individual health concerns ranging from allergic skin reactions to continuous headaches and abdominal cramps. Consider a consultation with a Private Exterminating pest control expert who provide ant control services in New York to address unexplained health concerns.

The Most Common Types of Ant Infestations

Carpenter ants

Carpenter ants are a different story when it comes to detection. These ants are the type you least want to find in your home or business. This is because carpenter ants destroy wood and can seriously damage a structure- leading to expensive repairs.

Carpenter Ants leave frass at the entrances to their nests because they do not eat the wood, they just chew it to make tunnels. Frass looks like small piles of sawdust. Another sign to look for, or listen for, is the sound like the dry rustling of leaves in your wall. This sound is from many ants clicking their jaws.

If you have an ant issue there is no reason to worry. Just call the experts at Private Exterminating providing ant control services in New York and we will be there as soon as possible to renew your peace of mind.

Pharaoh Ants

Light brown or red in color, the pharaoh ant is very small in size and often difficult to detect. Nests are usually found in inaccessible areas that are prone to high levels of moisture. Pharaoh ants are capable of spreading bacteria to food supplies and normally require experienced and systematic pest control methods from professionals. Our ant control services in New York can help you eliminate pharaoh ants

Superior Pest Control From Private Exterminating

When you contact us about ant control services in New York or insects or rodents in your home, we will set you up with an inspection right away. During the investigation, we will get a detailed understanding of the issue at hand and come up with a comprehensive removal plan.

We are also more than happy to discuss with you the best ways to limit pest infestations in the future.