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As opposed to insects, wildlife can pose a more direct danger. Animals that feel threatened may lash out and harm people on the property. Equally concerning, wildlife can carry diseases that are spread through their droppings, urine, as well as bites and scratches. Property damage is another concern; we at Private Exterminating hear our clients telling us about wires being chewed away, resulting in electrical damage.

Wildlife Removal in New York

Infestation of any form and especially of wild animals, is dangerous. It only causes damage to the interior and exterior of the residential and commercial properties making it unsafe for people. Therefore, with the comprehensive services outlined by Private Exterminating Inc., we can properly clean your area of any animals. Our team of NY experts is fully licensed and insured to carry out all of these tasks perfectly well. We Inspect your NY property before giving you a price quote or start any pesticide spray or cleaning work.

We offer New York some of the most effective and humane treatments for wildlife removal. We can not only remove your pests, we can implement measures that will reduce future infestations. If you want to reduce your chances of having wildlife in your home, here are some tips;

  • Repair leaky pipes, many critters are attracted to moisture and water
  • Prune your branches so that they are far away from your windows
  • Seal and secure your windows, doors and utility holes
  • If you are not using your chimney, seal it.
  • Clear your gutters of debris
  • Avoid clutter around your home – critters are very adept at hiding in piles of junk and crevices
  • Seal all your garbage, especially leftover food

Whether you have squirrels, rats, mice, raccoons, possums or any other wildlife threatening your home or business, we at Private Exterminating can get rid of your unwanted guests in a convenient and humane manner.

Top-Ranked Wildlife Removal Services in New York

We all appreciate animals in the wild, but we don’t want them in our offices and living spaces. Wildlife animals are more likely to be found in undisturbed and quiet areas such as a garage, basement, and attic. They spread germs and diseases and also destroy electrical wiring and insulation of your residential and commercial property. If you find wildlife infestation in your space, you can rely on Private Exterminating for top-notch wildlife removal services in New York.

Wildlife can be hazardous for you and your loved ones as they bite if they feel threatened and carry deadly diseases. Private Exterminating never recommends handling wildlife problems on your own and is ready to provide immediate wildlife removal services in New York. Whether you need rodent removal, pigeon removal, bat removal and exclusion, and more, you can rely on our professionals. So, call Private Exterminating to get your wildlife problems under control before they turn into a big problem.