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Bed Bugs Removal in NYC

Because of their high levels of mobility, bed bug infestations are some of the more common pests our clients in New York ask us to rid them of. Contrary to popular belief, a bed bug infestation doesn’t mean that a home or office is “dirty” or unkempt. Bed bugs have been known to get into luggage and be brought from overseas, cling onto pets or clothing, or even come in on used furniture.

Experienced Bed Bug Control Services in New York

Bed bugs are sneaky, hard to find, and pose potential health risks in residential and commercial places. They are unwelcome house guests that you should remove as quickly as possible. It is hard to find out a bed bug infestation by the untrained eye. At Private Exterminating, our professionals have years of industry-leading experience and can detect a pest problem quickly. Our efficient bed bug control services in New York will eliminate bed bugs with efficient treatment options to keep your home and office healthy for your loved ones.

Bed bugs multiply quickly, so it’s essential to encounter this problem and break the bed bug life cycle before your space turns into a full-on infestation. We offer fast, non-toxic, and practical bed bug control solutions after performing a free inspection. Moreover, we schedule a follow-up visit to ensure bed bugs are gone and guarantee our work. Call us at 917 731 1964 and book our specialized bed bug control services in New York to schedule an initial meeting with our expert technicians.

K9 Inspection For Bed Bugs NYC

Bed Bug Extermination in New York City

Bed bug infestations are pretty common. Humid and certain weather conditions also support them to grow, reproduce and spread faster than other times. However, with some small yet practical steps, one can make sure that they are adequately treated and gotten rid of. Getting rid of these tiny insects can be a challenging task. That is why hiring professional bed bug exterminating teams can be a lot more productive and save you from hard work and anxiety.  We at Private Exterminating INC are fully resourced to help you get rid of these infestations.

If left unchecked, bed bugs can spread very rapidly. Females can carry hundreds of eggs in one cluster, eggs that are smaller than a speck of dust. They are also very hard to detect once the infestation is underway. Because they feed on people’s blood while they sleep, many of New York’s homeowners think that their itching is caused by mosquitoes or allergies. Here are some of the signs you should look out for to see if you have bed bugs:

  • Blood stains on sheets and pillow cases
  • Rusty brown spots on your linen usually indicate bedbug excrement
  • Powdery fecal matter found in crevices throughout your home
  • Musty odour coming from their scent glands

While they are generally more of an annoyance than a threat, bed bugs have been known to cause adverse reactions, particularly to those more prone to allergies and skin irritation. This is why we at Private Exterminating offer some of the most aggressive and comprehensive measures available in all of New York. Our measures include things like heat treatment and fumigation, especially around your mattress and bed frame.