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Rodent Removal Services in New York City

Rodent removal Services in New York
Rodent removal Services in New York

Rodents are some of the more common unwanted guests found in New York’s homes. Do you hear an incessant scratching at night? Have you found droppings on your premises? Especially in your basement? If so, then you definitely have a rodent infestation should look for our team who provide Rodent removal services in New York Rodents such as mice, rats and squirrels can cause property damage by gnawing away at walls and furniture and can contaminate food sources. 

Rodent Removal in New York City

Private Exterminating is the premier pest control company in town. We implement sound and proven rodent control strategies in both residential and commercial properties.

Are you dealing with unwelcomed house guests? Contact our Rodent removal Services in New York technicians today at (917) 731-1964 and close the door on those pesky critters.

Complete Pest Control Services NYC

Have you just realized that there might be rodents in your residential or commercial property? Even if you are unsure about it now, it remains in your best interest to get your facilities inspected adequately by Rodent removal Services in New York for them. These tiny creatures can cause severe nuisance and certain levels of health-related hazards to humans. We at Private Exterminating Inc. provide comprehensive services to our clients and make sure their facilities remain rodent-free. Using all the cleaning solutions and materials, we can clean out all the areas, corners, and surfaces that might have been exposed to these rodents and their germs. With our services, we make sure that all of their bacteria and fecal droppings left behind are appropriately cleaned so nothing is left contaminated, and the clients can enjoy a safe and healthy environment.

That’s where Rodent removal Services in New York come in. Fully licensed, insured and trained in humane pest control, we’ve been removing rodents from homes one treatment at a time. Some examples of the rodents we frequently deal with are:

  • Rats
  • Mice
  • Squirrels
  • Skunks
  • Raccoons

Professional Rodent Removal Services in New York City

Aside from being destructive pests, many rodents carry harmful pathogens and spread diseases. Coming in direct or indirect contact with rodents and their droppings can put you at risk. At Private Exterminating, we specialize in rodent removal and control. We offer affordable and efficient rodent removal services in New York and nearby areas. The first step of rodent removal is to contact our professionals.

Before starting our rodent removal process, we inspect your property to determine the severity of the problem. During the inspection, we thoroughly inspect your exteriors and attic. Our professionals design a customized strategy to remove the rodents found in your property based on the inspection report. We make sure you get safe and efficient rodent removal services in New York. Moreover, we offer follow-up visits to determine if the rodent infestation is gone and if the methods used for prevention are working correctly. Get in touch with us and make your space rodent-free.

Professional Property Inspections

Getting to the Bottom of the Infestation

Book a consultation with our professionals, and our team Rodent removal Services in New York conduct a thorough, top-to-bottom property evaluation. We’ll comb through every room in your property to determine the severity of the problem and develop an effective strategy to combat it.

There are three key parts of our inspection process. They include:

Blocking Access Points

Our first order of business is to locate the rodents’ points of entry into your property. Mice and rats are known to chew and burrow their way through very small openings. We’ll painstakingly check for cracks, crevices, and any other openings in your home. Then, we’ll seal the gaps with wire mesh and exterior-grade sealants.

Remove Property Attractants

From there, we’ll assess any attractants or nesting areas on your landscape. For example, untrimmed trees that touch exterior walls can serve as highways for raccoons to get into your attic. Similarly, unsecured trash bins on your lawn can attract rodents as a food source. Our professionals provide Rodent removal Services in New York to remove anything that might be hiding or helping rodents to get inside from outside.

Eliminating Indoor Food Sources

This step is crucial to the success of the treatment. When rodents are already inside your home, food sources keep the infestation alive and growing. Our professionals who provide Rodent removal Services in New York will walk you through the steps you can take to eliminate the rodents’ food source. Typically, these steps include:

  • Wiping all kitchen surfaces
  • Firmly sealing all foods
  • Storing food in inaccessible areas
  • Keeping everything off the floor

Deciding on a Pest Control Strategy

When our technicians have thoroughly assessed your home, we’ll decide on the most effective strategy to eradicate the remaining rodents. We’ll speak with you about your options, making sure that the treatments work for your schedule, desires, and budget.

We at Private Exterminating are here to offer New York’s home and business owners a wide variety of lethal and non-lethal means to dispatch their rodent problems with ease and at low cost. Some of our more common methods include, but are not limited to, habitat modifications, trapping, exclusion and other pre-emptive and comprehensive approaches to make your rodent issue a thing of the past.

The length of time and number of treatments necessary varies depending on the severity of the infestation. Rest assured, once our technicians are familiar with the problem in your property, we’ll let you know what you can expect moving forward.

Case by Case Rodent Removal Service NYC

At our company who provide Rodent removal Services in New York, don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions. Every infestation is different, and our experts treat every case with a unique strategy.

We are up-to-date on the latest mouse and rat control techniques. An unfinished basement, full of clutter, can be a virtual paradise for a wide variety of mice, rats and squirrels. One of the main lessons we have learned is that no two homes are the same when it comes to infestations. Some building materials, for instance, can actually be more conducive to infestation than others, and the layout of your home presents its own sets of challenges. Count on us to leave no stone unturned as we decipher the behavior of rodents in your property and create a custom plan to counteract it. From installing traps to sealing those well-hidden points of entry, we promise to make your infestation a thing of the past. So, you are probably wondering whether Private Exterminating’s rodent control and prevention is right for you. Luckily, our experienced staff can answer all of your inquiries. No matter how severe you think your problem is, or whether those pesky critters are in your home or office, we have the right solution for you.

Speak with a Pest Control Expert Today

The first step to shooing those pesky rodents away is picking up the phone. With our case-by-case approach, industry expertise, leading products, and proven strategies, Private Exterminating is your reliable source for effective rodent removal.

Contact our team who provide Rodent removal Services in New York today to schedule an inspection. We look forward to serving you.